The time has come, to drive decisions on science, real data and evidence instead of hypothesis. Benefits and risks of each intervention must be measurable.

Just like for covid vaccines, to this date, we do not have independent quality studies indicating risks/benefits of masks use: which masks, where, when, how, when to change them, for whom, etc. . Scientifically, we are almost at the same point we were at in 1918.

  • Testing medical interventions outside of trials boundaries is taking us 7 decades ago
  • Masks took us back a century ago.
  • Lockdowns took us back to the middle ages
  • Denying treatment to patients and compromising on safety of new technologies maybe taking us to times before civilization and Hippocrates.

To this date, re-allocation of cheap molecules whose risks are known were denied support and were demonized. Even when safety was known, compiled trials brought evidence, such drugs were denied emergency use authorization and were being subjected to different standards of evidence or safety than those applied to vaccines. When results were promising, further studies were never performed, keeping science in doubt.

It is time to evaluate all tools under the same consistent, pragmatic risk/benefit analysis criteria and choose those that prove efficacy, minimize risk, protect freedom, peoples' livelihood physical and mental health.

As natural immunity has progressed in much of the world, as humanity has acquired much understanding, vaccines alongside treatments, population strengthening, protection of the frailest, used wisely may provide us very soon with a favorable outcome.

The following measures are urgently required
  1. Immediate study in cooperation with above mentioned country authorities to learn where and why outcome is so disappointing to help choice for whom, when, which risks and which benefits ;
  2. Recommendation to test for ongoing infection before vaccinating ;
  3. Obligation to verify that the individual has healed from Covid either through interviewing him or through cellular immunity testing ;
  4. Warn against vaccinating those who have had covid already and require that for mRNA vaccines, this be done within a clinical trial boundaries ;
  5. Recommend emergency use authorization for Ivermectin as evidence for its safety is higher than that of vaccines and it probably shows efficacy ;
  6. Warn against a vaccinal passport or any similar discriminatory tool reminding that vaccinated may spread just as well and only those with reactive cellular immunity might spread less 80 81 ;
  7. Make a recommendation against constant masking of adults particularly outdoors ;
  8. Make a recommendation against masking children ;
  9. Make a recommendation to countries to promote good, diet, sports and make sure all their decisions help their population become healthier and stronger ;
  10. Make a recommendation to countries to conduct nationwide active indicatives to correct vitamin D deficiencies and make sure interventions contribute to that effect ;
  11. Make a recommendation to countries to conduct nationwide active initiatives to improve aeration in public places and businesses ;
  12. Call for an immediate investigation of all suspect actors related to the “lancet gate” 82 and consequences such as interrupted trials that did not resume possibly resulting in preventing lives from being saved.
  13. Require from countries to actively monitor all vaccinating individuals for the 8 years following vaccination and report daily publicly all data related to mortality, hospitalizations, disability, auto-immune diseases, blood diseases, respiratory diseases, cancers, idiopathic diseases, in comparison with a control of non vaccinated individuals ;
  14. Call for an enquiry in cooperation with local authorities of each country as to the reason for excess mortality in each of the countries where excess mortality coincided with vaccination. This is much needed in those countries where vaccination coincided with their worst phase after 14 months ;
  15. Require ethical sharing of vaccines across nations to protect those who have a benefit instead of harming those with a very limited benefit ;
  16. Make risk/benefit evidence-based decisions in a fair society debate for accepted choices that profit the group and protect minorities and freedom ;
  17. Contribute to the scientific debate open by this letter and this first benefit/risks comparison grid using consistent criteria. Remind that when assessing risks/ benefits there are several dimensions, strength of evidence, short term benefits, long term benefits, short term risk and long term risks ;
  18. Issue recommendations when there is benefit beyond covid until covid preliminary benefit evidence becomes stronger (aeration, vitamin d correction, nutrition and obesity) and only restrict liberties in proportion, for a short time, under democratic control with sufficient evidence of efficacy and never based on hypothesis ;
  19. Conduct poll analysis as to proportions of populations in different areas who have reactive cellular immunity to better understand needed vaccination level in each area in addition to whom to vaccinate ;
  20. As a result of above requested investigations, communicate transparently as to possibly discovered vaccines risks, suspected ones, from such investigations and clearly aknowledge that long term side effects and risks are not known. Recommend to countries to require a fair informed consent from each vaccinated without pressure or temptation ;
  21. Require an investigation of all bodies and individuals decision makers with conflicts of interests ;
  22. Stop all private funding for all bodies and individuals making decisions.
This request is also made public as an open letter so that humanity can inform itself, study and read the literature, look at the data, and weigh in on the decisions.

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